This is the Last Escape;

Trap doors kicked all around me, there is no escaping;

The Last Escape :: A Resident Evil Movieverse-Game
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This is the last escape.

They knew the horror wasn't over.

Umbrella may have been found out, thanks to some files leaked to the press and government, their assets may have been liquidated, they may have appeared to have been frozen out.

But several small groups of alienated women and men knew it wouldn't be so simple. They'd lived through the horror that Umbrella had created. Spencer Estate, Rockfort Island, Raccoon City.

The Hive.

Umbrella wouldn't just disappear. There was still activity, somewhere. A faction was formed, the former members of the elite S.T.A.R.S. force of Raccoon, in addition to rogue UBCS members, and whoever else may have stumbled into the mess and gotten out alive. Hell, even a few former Umbrella employees joined the cause. This faction was dedicated to making sure that Umbrella was really and truly dead.

The members within didn't lead anything even close to normal lives, but some of them tried. Others chose not to join, going into Government jobs instead. Leon Kennedy among those ranks.

Five years have passed since the horrific events that befell Raccoon City.

Chad Kaplan and Yoko Suzuki, the lead hackers in the Anti-Umbrella faction, unearthed some information on an old project they had reason to believe Umbrella may have once had a hand in.

They sent Claire Redfield and Alice to the small Spanish village, Pueblo, to investigate.

Meanwhile, Leon Kennedy, promoted to take up guard of the President's family is sent out on assignment to recover the President's daughter after she'd been mysteriously abducted on her way to school.

And furthermore, there are other players in the game. Ada Wong, Krauser, both worked into the fabric of the small Spanish village, unearthing its secrets. All in the name of Umbrella.

Not just that, however. Who knows who else could be lurking in the shadows of Pueblo, or other parts of the world.

[[This game takes place before and during the events of Resident Evil 4. Consider this an 'alternate universe, or a retelling with several additional twists.]]


[x] respect your fellow player; Narking on people isn't cool. Don't do it.
[x] mary sues will be eaten for breakfast; ...This shouldn't even be an issue, as we are not accepting Original Characters into the game at this point in time. We've got plenty of canon to work with.
[x] stick to the canon; Yes, it's a little hairy when it comes to Resident Evil canon, but going by what we know in the movies and the games? It's workable, while still allowing for growth over the past six years. Leon and Krauser aren't buttbuddies. Chris won't decide he's Wesker's best buddy, and so on.
[x] Characters that look dead, stay dead; As much as we love characters like Matt Adison, and Rain Ocampo, unfortunately since in the games it was always pretty finalized if you became a zombie, or were visably killed, that you're not coming back for the sequel. Characters that we assume dead, but never physically see their bodies torn to shreds, are up for debate, and if you offer up a good argument, it's possible for you to be accepted. (For example, Wesker and Ada we assumed to be killed, but neither one of them actually were.)
[x] respect other player's choices; If you're going to do something, and it affects another person's character in any way, even if it's just if they're answering a telephone or not, ask the player of the character first. Not doing so can be constrewed as godmodding, and if you repeat the offense, you will be expelled from the game.
[x] relationships are fun; We're not going to shun any type of relationship, Het, Slash, whatever. If you can make it plausable, and it's been developed (if not already in canon) go for it. Have fun with it.
[x] cut tags are your friend; all logs are to go under a cut tag, to save people from having to scroll through mountains of text. Additionally, all NC-17 logs must be clearly marked, both in the Title of the log, and the actual entry. We don't need parents getting mad at us for smutty action.
[x] post all logs; I don't care if you JUST posted two logs, development happens in logs that aren't always readily visable in journals. There's no limit to posting logs, since we love them.
[x] post in the journals; thelastescape is for all character journals. you write in here, like you would a character's journal. Basically, the characters are capable of communicating through internet uplinks. At times, this will become unavaliable (IE, when Salazar jams the signal to Leon's walkie). The community is also for posting logs and RP threading, which are to be clearly marked as logs.
escapeooc is for all out of character chatting and so on.



Age: (The games are M, and the movies are R. if you're not 17, or don't act at least 17, you ain't gettin' in.)
RP Experience:


Character Name:
What game/movie they're from:
(Game history, and if a significant amount of time has passed for them since we last saw them (it's now 2004. last we heard from most characters it was 1998.) give them something to have been up to. This is here so I know you know the canon.)
Third or First Person RP Sample:

send all applications to Varis please include in the subject line 'The Last Escape Application.'

Taken Characters
[any characters labelled 'up for adoption' are just being operated under an NPC journal and are applicable]

Alice: rememberedname
              played by: Kacee (fence)

Birkin, Sherry: bruisedevening
              played by: Jewels (schizophrenic)

Burnside, Steve: woundedwarsong
              played by: Veronica (postman)

Graham, Ashley: mixedupmess
              played by: Up for Adoption

Hunnigan, Ingrid: overthephone
              played by: Up for Adoption

Kaplan, Chad: wirebreathing
              played by: Varis (orphen)

Kennedy, Leon S.: leavingmebroken
              played by: Kacee (fence)

Krauser, Jack: journal pending
              played by: Ryan (dantekirsei)

Redfield, Chris: journal pending
              played by: Brit (utada)

Redfield, Claire: reasonstobe
              played by: Varis (orphen)

Seras, Luis: savoirfaire
              played by: Veronica (postman)

Suzuki, Yoko: adlibbed
              played by: Kacee (fence)

Valentine, Jill: aimtoease
              played by: Ephe (audient)

Wesker, Albert: malevolenteyes
              played by: Ryan (dantekirsei)

Wong, Ada: emotiondying
              played by: Varis (orphen)

Disclaimer: ALL characters are copyright Capcom and whatever the hell company it is that did the RE movies (I can't remember, I suck.) We claim no ownership, and are just playing a game. So please, don't sue us, as most of us are poor college and high school students. ♥