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This is the Last Escape; [entries|friends|calendar]
The Last Escape :: A Resident Evil Movieverse-Game

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[15] | No time to waste

[OPEN][LOG] Like chickens with their heads cut off; [30 Apr 2006|10:18pm]

who; Alice, Claire, Leon, Ada [order]
where; Pueblo to start out, church later [Ada]
when; November 21st, 2004
rating; E for exploding heads

Reluctantly crouched at the starting lineCollapse )

No time to waste

[14 Apr 2006|10:53pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Looks like this internet thing works. I think I've finally got it up and running. Apparently it's supposed to put me in contact with people I know. People I know, sure. People I actually give a shit about? Doubtful.

So any of you rodents out there scurrying about actually know who I am?

This thing is going to dud out, I just know it.

[1] | No time to waste

The Conference [14 Apr 2006|09:10pm]

who: Wesker, Krauser, Ada, Steve
where: Wesker Manor (Sunderland County); Not located near Spain. He will have a carrier ready for his team of agents eventually.
when: November 19th, 2004 (Mid-Day)
rating: PG-13 for now. We'll see what is necessary eventually.

Hunters Etude-ScherzoCollapse )

No time to waste

[not open/soliloquy] -- in which Luis reflects [10 Apr 2006|04:42am]
who: Luis
where: Pueblo; I imagined him being up on one of the cliffs surrounding the village, out of sight.
when: November 20th, 2004
rating: PG-13? R? I don't know. There's some (veeeeeery little) angst, a lot of swearing, and poorly constructed sentences. o_o
notes: I was just trying to get in character and whatever... I've never played Luis before, so I hope this is okay. And um. I'll just say that it was after this when he got captured by a horde of really ugly fangirls the ganados. So, in the actual game right now, he's probably ... in a cupboard, rolling around. I guess.

There goes the last of my smokes.Collapse )

[4] | No time to waste

[OPEN][LOG] Infiltration; [31 Mar 2006|10:37pm]

who; Claire and Alice
where; Outskirts of Pueblo
when; November 21st, 2004
rating; um. Swearing. so. Don't read if bad words offend. XD
notes; Opening post. After this, feel free to post whatever. Email transmissions, solo logs, open logs, whateverrrr. Alice can reply to this when she is of the ready, I just wanted this to be the first thread in the comm! XD

...I think Kap forgot to pack our invisibility cloaks.Collapse )

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